Retail Services and Marketing

We sell refined petroleum products (PMS, AGO, Fuel oil, Jet A-1, Lubricants) to the general public through an expansive network of retail outlets.

Our retail outlets have presented the best platform to display our vibrant brand. Red Star has achieved retail presence in major states across Nigeria, such as Ogun, Cross River, Kaduna, Katsina, Rivers, Plateau & Kano States. We operate a network of retail stations serving thousands of customers’ everyday across the locations that we operate in. These Service Stations are owned and operated by our teams who sell high quality petroleum and lubricant products.

As a leading supplier of fuel in Nigeria and one of the preferred fuel retailing companies, we manage all domestic marketing and retailing activities for a wide range of petroleum products which include Petrol (PMS), Diesel (AGO) and Kerosene (DPK). Our retail business arm is designed to ensure that our customers get value for their money. This is achieved by consistently delivering quality fuel products and services in our retail stations across the country as well as high standards of customer service.

Our large scale customers can be found in different industries including manufacturing, power generation, road construction, transport, hospitality, maritime, among others. Our deliberate customer-eccentric service and the high quality of our fuel products have immensely contributed to our growth & success.

Marine and Shipping Operations

Redstar provides offshore supply vessel in a variety of capacities ranging from freight and goods, personnel transportation, fuel and supplies to remote areas and regions, location accessible only over water and to industries that operate out of sea, such as offshore, marine stations and basis of scientific research.

It also offers a widely encompassed towage services, marine and civil engineering with its service areas majorly inside the Oone Ports, Warri Jetty and Nigerian coastal waters all based in Nigeria and this forms an integral part of what we do and pride ourselves on cost effective service with a time count and safety oriented approach.

The shipping operations of the Company consists of the carriage of dry and liquid cargo, with stevedoring services. The Company also carries out its carriage  using a fleet of ocean going vessels and tug boats respectively.

Within our fleet is the MT Halima IMO 9231705 with MMSI 247067400, a chemical/oil tanker with double skin in way of cargo area and bunker tanks in E.R. space. It has an overall length and beam of 177/27M4 and a current draught of 7.3 M, with a course and speed of 191.00/0.2 KN.

The shipping operation is being run by seasoned and dedicated mariners consisting of Marine navigators and Engineers and the Ocean-going vessels ply all routes of the world.

Our liquid carriages are mostly for the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC), while the Towage services are provided for both the NNPC and the Nigerian Ports Authority, (NPA).

Transportation & Haulage

Every vertical market presents unique supply chain challenges, but none is as complex as oil and gas. Transporting product requires special equipment, strict regulatory compliance, and extensive safety procedures.

The Oil and gas industry relies on shipping companies and third party logistic providers to move complicated shipment around the world. Gas logistics usually involves the shipment to remote parts of the globe and with the volatile price of oil and gas, it is more essential than ever to find a cost effective logistics and shipping solutions.

Our transport offers comprehensive haulage logistic services to our customers, committed to providing high quality transport and logistics services coupled with effective management to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

We currently have several vessels at our disposal for shuttle and long-distance voyages. These vessels are of different capacities and capable of product deliveries all over the world. Our trucks and tanker trailers of various sizes offer on-ground regular effective and efficient product distribution.

Our network ensures that each transport is handled by experienced transport and logistics specialists from multiple points of origin to multiple destinations. We have acquired several trucks to ensure a  timely and efficient supply of petroleum products to our retail outlets within Nigeria even as we serve our growing customer base.

Redstar transport services can provide the logistics and transport services necessary to get your supply or product, where they need to be in record time while also providing heavy haul and project cargo supplies by land, sea or multi model transport.


Redstar Oil and gas Limited is an authorized Licensee of the Nigerian Ports Authority in Onne River State for the provision of towage and salvage services to its approved vessels , which it has assiduously ensured judiciously, that the successful berthing and unberthing of vessels carried out in the ports and waterways, are safely done in line with international best practices.

Its world class tugboats, which includes amongst many, 2019 ASD Tugs provided and designated for its wide ranged operations, ensures that all cargo vessels requiring tugboats assistance in operation are carried out timely and safely without any impediment or unforeseen circumstances.

The presence of our tugboats and its ever readiness to assist in all manner of vessel operations at any event, boosts the confidence of Mariners and Navigators within the delineated Pilotage district, thereby enhancing the safety of navigation as well as its performance within the Ports.

A remarkable and ground breaking achievement of our services is the berthing and unberthing of MV MAERSK STADELHORN, the biggest container vessel to ever call at any Nigerian Port with a Length overall of 300 meters is a bold testimony of the competence and expertise of Redstar in the business area of towage services.

Coal Mining

Redstar has been in the energy business for 14 years and is a private corporation with the objective of becoming a major participant in the components industry of mining and exploitation of coal energy, targeting small and medium sizes.

We desire to provide our targeted customers with coal at their production sites with a commitment to ensure that, the right quality and quantity at the right place and time with a reasonable price as our cardinal objectives.

To achieve this, we have established a strong relationship with our customers and suppliers within and outside Nigeria, in addition to establishing work ethics and pride in providing high quality products and services at Competitive prices. Our capacity in the area of distribution is a competitive advantage, far above our projected market share.

Our forecast is to have the mining business generate sales revenue by the exploitation and exportation of coal and  increase the revenue by 80% steadily in the consequent operational activities. With our consistence in the distribution capacity and moderated pricing, we have attracted customers whom we provide a maximum service delivery with our concrete market plan, distinguishing us as an alternative energy providers especially in the areas of coal.

The location of our mining sites are strategically positioned at Ika in Ankpa LGA, Kogi State and Lafia in Nassarawa State respectively, where the largest deposits of coal are deposited and this factor has strengthened our strategy to meet our  Client'(s) specifications and consumption rate.

Our Company has the capacity and managerial ability to diversify the coal mining business as an alternative energy and part of our solidifying strategy in diversification , coal should be recognized as a cash cow investment, with respect to all the value chains in coal operations to enable us drive the competitive advantage market battle field

It is predicted that by 2030 the world will be short of an excess of 300 million tonnes of seaborne thermal coal due primarily to increased and steady consumption, coupled with the decreased production, due to mines reaching end of life, lack of investment and production cut backs.

Coal will continue to play a major role in delivering energy access and security long into the future, making up over 40% of global electricity generation and over 25% of primary energy demand.



Redvoline is a proud and efficient Lubricant, that has been rendered to our numerous customers. With our wealth of technical knowledge and experience, we have established evolving technologies, that meets the desires of Customers about the best Lubricant to use in any application.

We realized no business, is the same as the next  and for this reason, we offer a specialized lubrication solution, through an interactive process and a sustainable business relationship.

Our large storage capacity for base oil, heavy duty diesel engine oil, Automotive gear Oil, Passenger vehicle engine oil, industrial gear oil, marine oil and out board boat oil,  gives us an high edge for a market creative solution and an adoption for advanced technology.

Redvoline’s constant innovation brings to its customers, a significant cost saving, lower maintenance cost, reduced downtime and prolonged engine life, backed by an accessible technical support.


One key challenge, a Company as ours, strives to maintain is the high quality of products, available at our filling stations across Nigeria, and this has been kept up with the best service practice and technical standards with a robust logistics.

In various stages, we ensure that we fully meet the demands of the market from purchase, delivery and distribution.

We are engaged in making readily, automotive fuels and other added services for the transport sector across the country, through a dedicated network of outlets. In addition to these, we have put in place latest technological platforms for cashless, cardless transactions and loyalty cards for the convenience of our numerous customers.

At our petrol pumps, we believe in maintenance, not only of the vehicle, but of a steady relationship with our customers.