Premium Motor Spirit (PMS):N568   Automotive Gas Oil (AGO):N790  Dual Purpose Kerosene (DPK):N225
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Code of Conduct

Corporate Practice

Redstar Oil and Gas Limited has a reliable best practice with a comprehensive coverage. Our commitment began more than a decade ago with a seamless service to clients across multiple jurisdictions with an innovative solution to achieving results.

We have imbibed, a strong working relationship with individuals and corporate entities giving Clients and corporations, an invaluable insight into national and international policies and regulations.

On the other side, we have established close ties with the government and industry, gained through an established collaboration with Ministries and Agency officials, trade groups and Multinational Companies. Our vast and broad horizon in the law and business practice, allows us to, understand and achieve transactional efficiency.

Our group is perfectly aligned with a strategic plan for growth, which greatly benefits Client’s, as part of our aim to build a global finance, mergers and acquisitions, private equity practices around the world. Our practices are in the area of Marine and Shipping operations, Towage services, Transportation and Hauling of Petroleum Products, Coal Mining, Manufacturing of Lubricants, Stations and Marketing of Petroleum products.

A key area of our practice is on corporate matters, with particular emphasis on the energy and power sectors, which focuses on the business objectives of our Client. With our qualified and efficient staff strength, Clients are provided with the market experience needed to manage and close the most complex transactions as well as provide a practical guidance on their day to day operations.

Lastly, as a Company committed to ensuring that the quality of goods and services delivered are of the highest standard at all times, conforming to local and international standards and satisfying client’s needs as well as contractual requirements, we offer the combined benefits of local and global resources by providing an, advisory service which ensures that the best, skilled and qualified personnel are engaged for the execution of works and services, continuously monitored and supervised for an effective performance of Quality management system, structured to meet the requirements defined in ISO 9001, 2015, which we have subscribed and complied with.

Our Mission

Mission – “Redstar is a global operator with a clear innovative objection, to provide our Clients with the best professional service in the Oil and Gas industry, marine, shipping, construction and natural gas, with researching technological solutions to promote health, safety and personal growth and most importantly, respect for the environment to facilitate development in the places we work in..”

Our Vision

Vision – “To be an energy company, creating value in a sustainable manner through efficiency and respect for the progress of society, with a focus on commercialization and recognition as a technology bridge, talent manager, and world class performer.

Our Value

Teamwork – We work together through shared ownership, responsibilities and outcomes.

Integrity – Honesty, truth, reliability and fairness in all our dealings is our watch word.

Transparency – Being open, straightforward and consistent in all we do and communicate has clarity, simplicity and precision.

Respect – We acknowledge, recognize, and value all stakeholders across all board.

Customer Focus – Our Customers satisfaction and interest are our primary aim and goal.

Our Goals

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